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My wife and I have used Emerson Financial twice now as our mortgage broker.  Dan and his team are professional and amazing! Dan is always looking out for his clients best interests and he works very hard to get you fast approvals and the best rates.  He has a wonderful personality and I always enjoy our conversations.  Call Dan's office now.  You will not regret it! Thank you Emerson Financial!   

-Billy M., San Rafael


Dan is the nicest person, I had a complicated refinance. this man took the challenge and never gave up on me. He worked so hard to find me a reasonable Lender. He is very professional, respectful and understanding. He loves helping people.


-Ana O., San Mateo


We purchased our house last year and Michelle was recommended by our realtors, Lizette and Colette. They worked together very well as a team.  Michelle is amazing!  She listened to us and worked with us to obtain the loan that we were comfortable with. She locked in a low rate for us and made sure to keep in contact with us even while she was on vacation!  Michelle made the signing process very easy as she worked with us on a time that was convenient for us and made sure we understood what we were signing.  I'll definitely work with Michelle again in the future!  


-Stephanie C., Foster City


Talk about going the extra mile! Dan helped me when nobody else could. Through his sources, he found the perfect lender for my needs. AND not only did he find the lender, because I was under extreme time pressure, he got the loan closed before my deadline.  I've used traditional lenders, WF, BofA and they don't have the expertise, knowledge, and resources of Emerson Financial. He was thorough. He was ready for any and all underwriting question. He made sure I had the answers before they asked the question.  For anyone looking for the best service on any kind of mortgage, Dan is your man. I would recommend him to any and all my friends and associates.

   -T.S., San Francisco


Dan made the impossible possible.  He is thorough, readily available, and willing to sit with you to find a solution that you need. He found us a loan that was better than any of the other lenders offered, as well as manage to have us avoid PMI, and in a time period that most people said shouldn't be possible.  I am a first time home buyer, and he helped me through a difficult process that was made very easy by him.

-Michael L.., San Jose


I was referred by Lizette and Colette. Dan and Michelle are really amazing. They worked super efficient and responsive. They even work when they are on vacation. They always update me with any latest information I need to know right away even at night. I messaged Michelle at 9pm and she's able to address my concern and answer my questions. She helped me understand the details about the mortgage stuff. They assisted me with locking the lowest rate. The best mortgage broker!~ I will definitely work with them again in the future if I buy another house.

-Tina H., Redwood City


I highly recommend Emerson Financial services. Dan Emerson has an expert level of knowledge and experience that will benefit you immensely! The Emerson team executed a sale of a home to a family member, while providing us a refinance on our current mortgage, at a lower rate, concurrently helping us pay off yet another bank mortgage balance. Not only were these complicated actions done in a reasonable time, they were done with constant communication, on going updates, and realistic reassurance regarding time lines for each phase of the transactions. Hence, we had complete confidence in his guidance during the process. Our expectations were absolutely exceeded.    

-Kathryn N., Burlingame


We have worked with Emerson financial in the past and just recently used their services to close a real estate purchase. This last transaction involved a much higher degree of complexity than previous transactions. There were multiple parties participating as well as tax and legal variables - all which had to be addressed. Dan was on it from day one. He quickly came up with a baseline plan that proved efficient and effective at closing the deal within a short window. Throughout the process Emerson financial was responsive, involved, and always followed through with even the tiniest of details. 5 out of 5. Would definitely recommend and plan on using their services in the future.

    -Eric N., Petaluma


My wife and I were recommended to Dan from the Twin Realtors (Lizette and Colette) with much praise for his experience and professionalism. They were absolutely right. Dan is very thorough and will always look out for your best interest. He even went as far as looking to see if we paid too much in our home insurance. He will always tell you the truth and how it is. When it came time for him to get us a mortgage loan, he was always on top of everything and was always looking to find you the best rate. We were able to close quickly and were in our new house before we knew it. It was a great and amazing experience working with Dan and his staff. There is not enough good words to describe him and his team, so I will just leave it to this: AWESOME!!!

-Mike C., Hayward


I am not the least bit surprised that all of the reviews written about Dan are 5 stars. I have used his services at least 5 times in the past 20 years and every single time he has provided service beyond anything one would expect. Obviously Dan is incredibly knowledgeable and has up to the minute information about the mortgage industry and interest rates. He has made excellent suggestions about what options I might have and which would be good for my circumstances. He has dealt with the financers which makes me happy and he has a great relationship with them. I can't speak highly enough about the service I have gotten not only from Dan but from everyone in his office.

-Cara S., Half Moon Bay

Dan is the most pleasant and hard working person!!!  I would highly recommend him if you need a new mortgage or a refi.

-Cathy P., Burlingame 


Dan and his team were amazing in handling my refinancing. Utilizing his strong relationships with Bankers, Dan was able to locate a lender that fit the needs of my loan perfectly. He walked me through the entire process which can be cumbersome and complicated as well as communicated with me every step of the way in what information was needed and when. I have used other Brokers over the years and sadly discovered after the fact that the loans they set me up with only benefited themselves and not the client.. Dan and his team take a sincere interest in their clients and will go the extra mile for them even though clearly it can involve much more time spent on their part to locate and close the best possible loan.


-Mark B., San Mateo



Dan Emerson was super helpful when I was purchasing my first home 2 years ago. He was patient and explained the mortgage and home buying process to me, as a first time buyer I was not familiar with most everything so I had a lot of questions. To which he answered every time. Most recently, he contacted me and recommended I consider refinancing if I hadn't done so already. Rates had gone down, refinancing would have saved me a couple hundred per month.  But Dan thinks outside the box and he recommended I take some money out and pay off my outstanding student loans which would essentially be the same as paying less on my mortgage which is not something I had considered at all or if it was even a possibility.  This is why he is great and would recommend him to anyone looking into buying for the first time or wanting to refinance.


Derek H., Pacifica



Dan is amazing.I started my search for a mortgage broker/financier with multiple people. In my first meeting with Dan, I realized how good he was compared to the others. Here are a few reasons I had a great experience working with Dan- 

  • He is clear and direct. I do not like financiers who patronize first time home buyers and insist 'trust me, its ok'. I really liked the clarity with which he understood and explained both the financial technicalities and the process of financing a home.

  • He provided the right amount of direction and feedback through the process while respecting our decisions.

  • Speed of processing - We were on a tight timeline since we had to remove contingencies quick, and we had to travel abroad in a few weeks. Dan helped us get through the loan process really quick.

  • Watching out for rates - Dan kept a close watch on the rates and the forecast indicators. He regularly shared the updates with me to help me make the call. In the end, we saved a decent amount by locking in a week late. 

  • Being there - At one point before closing escrow, we had some glitches with the home insurance process. Dan and hisoffice helped us work through that efficiently and kept the whole deal on track. At no point we felt 'on our own' to sort it out. 


I liked the way he conducted business and took ownership, and also provided a mentoring presence throughout the process. And last but not the least, he recommended us the realtor team that we ended up choosing.  Overall, Dan was amazing throughout the process and I will highly recommend him.    


-Rohit N., San Mateo



Dan is a rockstar. Helped us out even though we were working with someone else at the time. Honest, professional, calm and very responsive. Would call on no one else in the future.

-Doug C., San Francisco


​We would not have been able to buy our first home without Dan Emerson. He is truly one of a kind. An amazingly talented and dedicated mortgage broker who knows his job and performs it with excellence and care.

Most people I have spoken to in this business sound like unscrupulous used car salesmen. They come across as dishonest, self-serving, and all around slimy individuals. Dan Emerson is a class-act. He interacts with you like a human being, not a salesman or pitch-artist or anything disingenuous. He is open and honest in all his dealings with you.

Not only did Dan bend over backwards and move mountains in order to get us our dream starter house, but a few years later he did seemingly impossible miracles when we refinanced. Locking in a low rate is one thing, but he was able to eliminate our PMI, eliminate all of our out of pocket costs, lower our mortgage considerably, AND get us a refund check as well!

All in a day's work for Dan Emerson. Give him a call. You won't regret it.

-Brian L., San Francisco


I would absolutely recommend Dan Emerson and the Emerson Financial team as a mortgage broker. I especially liked how Dan took the time to make sure I understood the home loan options so I could make an educated decision. Very personal service. Dan is a sharp guy. I'm glad I found them!


-David M., San Mateo



Dan is a Rock Star!

Seriously, he gets it done! we've refinanced thru him and we were in and out under a month! Which prior to working with him, was a shoot-me-in-the-head 6 month process through another group. So of course when we found our dream vacation home, our first call was to Dan ( on saturday no less ) and Dan had us closing again under a month! 

How does he do it? He preempts everything a bank could question or throw at you and sits with you and compiles it all together so your first filing is rock-solid-bulletproof-strong. 

Who else hugs their financial guy? I do. I love Dan. He made the painful painless and I can't recommend him highly enough. Here are 5 more extra stars * * * * *


-Luis P., San Francisco


​We had tried to refinance our partner owned vacation home with no success, for years. We then were faced with taking over that loan altogether, which was overwhelming at best. Dan was THE MAN. He was creative in his approach and was able to re-finance both of our homes at the same time and brought the loan payments down on both! He took care of every detail. He was available at all times and answered questions, repeatedly. Every road block had a solution. And yes, we hugged him, too! Thank you!!!!

 -Denise K., Roseville


​I needed some expert advice on a tight timeline. Dan Emerson worked very hard and exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Dan. Thanks.


-Joe M., Los Angeles


​Dan and the staff are great! Being self-employed it's almost impossible to get a bank to help you with a refinance or loan. Dan took our info and made it happen! Easy to work with and patient with all our questions.

 -John E., Pacifica


Highly recommended by a respected Real Estate Professional.  Dan locked me into a very low mortgage interest rate and guided me through the entire process.  He communicated with me every step of the way, possesses a very sound understanding of the financial markets and is extremely detailed oriented.  I felt that he was constantly working in my best interest and delivered a terrific mortgage.

 -Chap S., Carlsbad


​We are extremely grateful to Dan for his determination and guidance with our loan. Dan was amazingly proactive and thorough. We recommend Dan completely!  


-Allison B., Sausalito


​We recently worked with Dan to purchase our first home. It wasn't a complicated transaction, but Dan was very responsive and professional throughout the whole process. He answered all of our questions and was always available, sometimes at short notice, to help us put together our offers. He was very thorough at assessing all of the options available to make sure we got the best mortgage for our needs. When we finally had an offer accepted, Dan got us a fantastic rate on our mortgage and the closing process went incredibly smoothly and quickly. We could not be more pleased and would definitely recommend Emerson Financial!

-A G., Belmont


Emerson Financial is amazing!! Dan Emerson is a fabulous mortgage broker who goes beyond the extra mile. As a first time home buyer I knew nothing of the process, but have heard stories of how home buying can be a nightmare and painstaking process. Not with Dan!! Not only was it smooth sailing, but he presented things to me in ways that made sense and made it easy to understand!!!  I highly recommend Dan and his team!!!    

-Jill R., San Francisco​

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