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From the beginning, Emerson Financial was built differently, on the simple premise that our clients deserve a better mortgage experience. There is no greater joy than to match clients with the home loan that best meets their financial needs and goals.


As a mortgage broker, we provide a more personalized loan experience. We help to carve out solutions to problems, whether it’s a low down payment, limited credit history, or the desire to limit closing costs and expenses. We know the twists and turns of the business and work to walk you through the loan process with confidence.


While we journey through these un-precedented times, the role of a mortgage broker has become increasingly important. We work on your behalf with several banks and lenders to find competitive rates and then negotiate terms that best fit your needs. We act as a middleman between you and the lender, gathering information from you, pulling your credit history, verifying your income and assets to present to the lender.  


A mortgage broker saves you time and simplifies the mortgage process. Not only do we shop rates and terms, but we manage the process and the back-and-forth communication involved in underwriting the loan ensuring the transaction stays on track and closes on time. A mortgage broker saves you the hassle of managing that process bringing in experience and relationships to keep things running smoothly. Broker rates can often be cheaper because we are offered wholesale interest rates from the lenders. The lender typically pays the brokers compensation.

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